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Weekend in Victoria Falls

Chutes Victoria Falls
Last June, Sophie and Diego left their daughters to treat themselves to a nice weekend to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary.


Two days out of the world in a haven of peace, luxury and refinement. Waking up on the banks of the Zambezi where life flows to the rhythm of the river and where nothing seems to have changed, or so little, since Livingstone passed there.


Go on canoeing among hippos and crocs and arrive on an island where, as if by magic, a royal picnic has been laid out just for us. And end the weekend with a helicopter flight over Victoria Falls… Breathtaking and unforgettable!


Victoria Falls… a place that makesdreamand which is one of the places we would like to see once in our life !

Located on the Zambezi river, they constitute the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. These falls, 1,700m wide and able to reach more than 100m in height, are impressive to look at from the Zimbabwe side. Flying over them in a helicopter is also an unforgettable experience…


This destination is recommended fora weekend from Joburgor combine on a trip to Botswana or

in Zimbabwe.


Besides the falls, there are other activities on site likegame drive, rafting on the Zambezi, cruises etc.

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