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ONE DAY, ONE TRIP... and that day was in Africa



This distant destination was on my wish list, but here it is today scratched from my notebook, I am delighted, it has stars next to it..


I gave you my dates and let myself be carried, eyes closed, to the airport, where I studied the circuit, drawn up by your experience and your taste, which you pass on thanks to Travel With Marie.


Because indeed, we have the impression that you are traveling with us, when each place reminds us of how you think, how you like people and how you want them to communicate with each other.


Everything has a name, like a whole person, we discover the places and the stories where you take us, with delight...

I will remember:wealth, kindness, drunkenness and your address.


Carl joins me for this message that he shares. Thank you Travel With Marie.

The journey starts here! 

Want light, colors, encounters?
Want to discover South Africa at your pace, at your way;
We are here to help you imagine an authentic journey in terms of your budget. We arrange everything from hotel reservations to car rentals, restaurant and activity reservations, plane tickets. We save you the time spent searching for hours on the internet for the best place at the best price...
No fixed departure, acomplete freedom as for the itinerary, the number of days, the type of accommodation. We adapt to all requests by adding our little grain of salt. On site, you benefit from available people who know the country and will be there to guide you throughout your trip!
Welcome to our home away from home, South Africa!
Lion au Parc Kruger

T: +27 11 326 5602

P: +27 82 300 5414

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