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Trips to Mauritius

Zilwa Attitude - Ile Maurice


- Finish a book by the pool

- Take a nap with a hat on your head... 

- Have meals ready

- Children having fun

- Activities for all ages and tastes

- Sun, sea and palm trees, a cocktail in hand


Is this your definition of a holiday to recharge your batteries? So, boom!Destination Mauritius

without hesitation. 


For these 2 families, we organized a hotel stay, all inclusive. Flights from Johannesburg (4 hours only), a transfer and 7 nights hotel. 


We also offer villa rentals in partnership with a local agency. This allows a little more freedom, tranquility with the option of having a chef, a nanny...

Are you going with your children?

  We both have children and love traveling with them! South Africa is an ideal country to travel with children of all ages! People do not hesitate to help you, welcoming restaurants with playgrounds. In short, the perfect destination for a large family!

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